Prevention and recovery

Your employee is important to your company. However, is your employee getting stuck because of what is happening at work? Are work situations perceived as stressful? And does this challenge the physical and/or mental resilience of your employee? Mirjam Verschoor's personal coaching method focuses on durable solutions for your employee's complaints, so that your employee can return to work quickly or that your employee discovers what is needed to continue doing the work with energy.


Common complaints that come up are: chronic pain, anxiety and stress. Various methodologies are used so that your employee receives the personalized guidance needed. From cognitive behavioral training, relaxation and breathing exercises, coaching, body-oriented work, to psychosocial therapy, hypnotherapy and EMDR. Tailoring the use of professional counseling to the needs of your employee reduces absenteeism. The targeted and efficient approach is brief and solution-oriented.

Call: 06141465700 or email: if you wish your employee effective, professional and personal guidance. I am happy to visit you without any obligation to discuss what I can do for you or your organization.


A short-term coaching program, in which personal performance can be boosted, is also one of the possibilities. For example, for visualizing the goals to be achieved, my coaching method is also very suitable.