Method of operation

At our first appointment I would like to hear from you what you are struggling with. During the follow-up sessions I guide you with different techniques and methods, such as conversation techniques, psycho-education, hypnotherapy, EMDR and body-oriented and systemic methods.

Characteristics of my guidance method are depth and practical (tailor-made) exercises. The number of sessions depends on the complaint or request for help. In between appointments you often work with practical exercises you learned during the session.

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The practice location is in the middle of the Netherlands. The address is Rijsenburgselaan 11 in Driebergen-Rijsenburg.

We meet at the waiting room of the Medisch Centrum Driebergen, location VILLA XAVERIUS. There is an elevator in the villa and free parking in front of the door.


The following methods may be addressed:

Visualization, imagination and working with symbols/metaphors.

Heart coherence, mindfulness, polyvagal theory, breathing and relaxation exercises.

Medical hypnosis, pain modification techniques, TMS & Mind-Body Syndrom counselling, ideomotor finger signals.

Different forms of trauma processing, internal dialogues, inner child work (using timeline method, three-point dissociation, parts work or regression).


Systemic work/ individual family constellations, partner and family discussions.

Cognitive behavioural training and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy).

With the above methods, the power lies in experiencing, in doing, in the body-oriented. Per session, we look at what is most appropriate for your request for help, what fits best with the goal you want to work towards.


The personal coaching focuses on the interaction of body and mind, on a conscious and subconscious level, so you can achieve your desired change. For physical, insufficiently explained, complaints, hypnotherapy may be the best choice. For irritable bowel syndrome (PDS), hypnotherapy is evidence-based. Its effects have been scientifically proven.

Many complaints and problems find their cause in the deeper layers of yourself. Hypnotherapy is a short-term counselling method in which contact is made with the deeper, unconscious, layers of yourself. It can be compared to what you experience while dreaming, or the way you feel when you are completely absorbed in the music. Like a flow feeling. So I can guide you to a relaxed state of being, so that in contact with your unconscious you can experience the solutions to a problem yourself or that you can come to insights that will help you further along the way. You always keep direction and control over yourself and your (re)actions. I am there to support and guide your process.

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Themes that often come up in practice

Loss of control.


'Old sore'.

Being overstimulated.





"Mirjam is very engaging and asks the right questions which helped me learn more about myself."


“That each session had real positive effects and that they persisted and were easy to apply yourself.”


“I experience Mirjam as a therapist of integrity, with whom you are in good hands with your life questions and your own history.”


“What I experienced as most positive in this session was the insight and being able to express (unexpected) emotions and the feeling that you were very clear and asked where the pain point was.“


“I was treated personally. There is a pleasant atmosphere and I felt very listened to. My needs were well listened to. I liked the way they dealt with me and felt at ease."


“Mirjam makes you discover things about yourself that you didn't know before.”