Regular versus complementary care

Many issues are approached cognitively in the mainstream healthcare landscape. People who come to my practice find that this is not enough for them. Their symptoms have remained, despite having taken therapy for this.


Therefore, three tips:

  • Examine when the complaint arose, and understand the reason for it.
  • Enter into the conversation with yourself without judgment. “Hello me? How do I feel? And where am I feeling what? What thought am I having right now?”. Take time for this so you can become more aware of what you are feeling or thinking. From discovering, you can begin to change. You can start to adjust old patterns that are no longer helpful. In this way you can make other choices.
  • Experience peace in your body and head.

The latter is what is often missing in the regular approach. What makes that the symptoms can persist. EMDR, hypnotherapy, deepening breathing and relaxation exercises and body-oriented work can help you experience more peace.