Start your journey by discovering your desired destination

As a human being you are often stuck in your own system and beliefs. A trip - a different view - often gives you the opportunity to discover how things can be done differently. How do other people shape their lives? What does it feel like in a place where you can completely relax? With the help of hypnotherapy you can go on an inner journey and explore your own inner world.


People usually do not go on holiday with the aim of changing, just as someone does not come to the practice for an inner journey. Often the reason is different, namely physical and/or emotional pain. These complaints should mainly diminish, they should not be there. As humans, we often have many coping mechanisms to avoid feeling the pain.


We start the journey by discovering your desired travel destination.
As a therapist, I have often seen how people can get stuck in their own system and beliefs. It's like being stuck in the same place, with no way out. But just as a trip to a new destination can broaden your horizons, so can an inner journey. Hypnotherapy offers a unique opportunity to explore your own inner world and discover how things could be done differently.

But how do you actually determine the travel destination, what is being worked on or what is needed to discover? Because you often know clearly what you no longer want, for example you want less pain or less anger. You often don't know what you do want. The pain consumes your energy;
the anger eats you up inside. The negative therefore receives even more attention. You may discover that behind the request for help, such as 'wanting less pain', lies the positively formulated wish for 'more peace and lightness'. Words like 'not' or 'less' are words with a negative charge. So make sure every word has a positive charge. By formulating your goal positively, we create a direction that gives you energy and helps you move forward.


Empowering self-reliance
People often think that as a therapist I can solve their problems. But the real power lies with you. For example, with a tailor-made visualization, I help you discover your own travel destination. This process strengthens your self-reliance and gives you the confidence that you can find the solutions within yourself. This way you not only learn to deal with your current problems, but you also discover new possibilities and resources within yourself.


Finding inner peace
Inner trance journeys also offer a safe space in which emotions that often remain covered in daily life can emerge, so that processing becomes possible. During these journeys, unconscious negative beliefs can also come to light and be transformed. This strengthens your self-confidence and helps you break patterns. Only you can make this inner journey, while I guide and support you as a 'tour guide'.


The power of hypnotherapy
With hypnotherapy you can change negative beliefs, release emotions, break patterns and tap into internal resources. Answers to long-simmering questions can emerge, allowing you to experience more inner peace. And by first practicing something in trance, you can perform it with more ease later in everyday life. For this reason, imaginations and visualizations are also used in top sport. The effect of hypnotherapy has even been scientifically proven for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)!


Truthfulness and safety
During imaginary journeys you come to beautiful destinations where you can find the safety and tranquility necessary for healing. Pent-up tension can finally find its way out, relaxing both body and mind. In trance there is room for gentleness, truthfulness and love, so that you can explore and accept life's great challenges. Just like on a real trip, you can gain new experiences and transform negative beliefs into helpful thoughts and feelings.


Hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling
Discovering the positive goal is the first step out of the vicious circle, out of the downward spiral, out of inner turmoil. The positive goal formulation also gives the subconscious direction to explore the inner images and feelings that come with it with curiosity. An attractive goal is described as sensory as possible - in hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling - so that it can be experienced and tested. And the inner trance journeys provide space to visualize the desired goal and experience what is still needed to realize this goal.


Let's start this journey together and pave the way to a life with more peace, lightness and positive changes.